Premeries Everywhere


Hello friends,

how are you keeping up? These past couple of weeks have brought about numerous premieres for all of us. While some aspects have been demanding, others have been eye-opening. Throughout all of this, one approach has proven itself useful in getting things done. But first, here comes a selection of some of our premieres:

Like so many others we were faced with setting up workspaces at home in an instant, suddenly we got teaching jobs on the side, and while some of us work in total solitude others find themselves trying to concentrate a midst the craziness of family-life. Early-morning exercises and meditation were taken up by some and the parents among our team did not have to leave in a hurry to pick up kids after work anymore. To stay in touch we initiated our virtual jitsi coffee corner, where we spend some time together every day. With a seat on the steering committee of this year’s PythonCampCologne we also helped launch it online. We are excited to have a booth at IDSA’s first virtual expo, which has been organized for exhibitors and visitors in lieu of the actual Hannover Messe.

We consider ourselves constant students, yet having to adapt to the circumstances in the past weeks has certainly brought about challenges. All along the motto “better done than perfect” has been helpful in making things happen and has navigated our enterprise in these past weeks. Speaking of navigation: our corporate culture serves as our North Star. On a quarterly basis this luminary is subject to a reality check. Preceding our strategic quarterly meetings, we take some time to screen our purpose, our vision, our mission and our values. Together our team established these in workshops during the past two years. Behind pi-lar’s purpose is the idea of why we are here, beyond a financial incentive (we believe in development that benefits the community). Visions are ambitious and granted a starry-eyed edge. Our vision reads as follows: the right piece of information at the right time in the right place. With security. Our mission links our vision to our daily work (improving the exchange of information between people, machines and equipment). Finally, we are connected through a set of values that we share and care about (development, focus, respect, happy).

More than just words on a wall or on a website we want this culture to serve us. For example, when it comes to decision-making we use these principles and guidelines. Out of respect we may choose to work with specific partners. Because we believe in further development that benefits the community, we support local initiatives, such as frOSCon. While these principles radiate stability, we also want them to be dynamic and flexible. Should we come across a value that repeatedly causes us to raise an eyebrow, we will reconsider its validity.

We just concluded another premiere: Our quarterly reality check was held in part at the office and in part virtually. We needed some extra prep time to set everything up according to distancing regulations and getting the technology running for all of us. I expected it to be challenging, not being able to clearly read my fellow co-workers faces or picking up subtle vibes. All in all, it was fine. We exchanged thoughts, developed ideas, made plans and laughed - we were connected.

This type of communication is not perfect, but for now it serves us and our communities well enough in staying connecting and in getting things done.
I think the day we all get back together in the office and have lunch at one table will feel a bit like a premiere and I think it'll be just perfect!

Bye for now,