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Impulse und Interaktion für jede(n) zum European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) 2020

  • Virtuell, kostenfrei & informativ
  • Immer mittwochs im Oktober von 19:00 - 20:30 Uhr

Im Oktober, dem offiziellen European Cyber Security Month, servieren wir jeden Mittwochabend Tipps für ein sicheres, digitales Verhalten: für ArbeitnehmerInnen und
ArbeitgeberInnen im Home-Office, für frustrierte AdministratorInnen sowie für UnternehmerInnen, die sich auf den Ernstfall eines Sicherheitsvorfalls vorbereiten möchten.

Themenspezifische Impulsvorträge und Podiumsdiskussionen regen den …

Zero Trust – An Introduction (frOSCon talk 2020) »

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Summary of our talk at frOSCon 2020

Once again we were happy to be part of Germany’s biggest free and open-source conference frOSCon. As you can guess it was held virtually. Although we missed the personal chats and discussions we always enjoyed as exhibitors, it was a pleasure to present our thoughts on zero trust to the audience. Read this summary based on the transcript or find the talk on …

A ZeroTrust Security Scenario »

Zerotrust scenario neuropil Calamity Chris

Today, rushing to work Calamity Chris had an accident with his motorbike. Luckily, he was just around the corner from Dr. SiTh’s* practice. Apart from taking care of Chris’s injured wrist, she needs to record information, starting with personal data like his name and his social security number. She also gives a medical diagnosis and refers him to Dr. Bone for an x-ray, who will generate further data.

While Chris …